Sony PS4 Slim 500GB With FIFA20 Bundle

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Open up a world of incredible gaming on this Sony PlayStation 4. With a huge library available, you’ll always have a new adventure waiting, and you can install up to 30 titles at once on the 500GB hard drive. It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled too, so playing online is easy. The console’s HDR technology improves the contrast and range of colours in your games, so they look more vibrant than ever.

You just need an HDR-enabled TV to enjoy the full benefit. It also works with PlayStation VR (headset and camera sold separately), so you can play the latest virtual reality games. This bundle includes a physical copy of FIFA 20. Lead your club to glory with all new updated leagues, players and teams, as well as the Champions League for the first time in the series. Order for this Ps4 500 GB With Fifa  20 Bundle online from Tulia Kenya and have it delivered to your doorstep.



  • PS4
  • 500GB
  • With FIFA 20 Bundle
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled 


PS4 Slim 500GB With FIFA20 Bundle
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