cucumber and lemon Kojic bath/face soap

2-4 Working days

Cleanses the face

Softens/sooths the skin

Removes Dark spots

Clears Acne

Removes scars and stretchmarks


This beauty soap is made from refined essential oils extracted from the best selected plants , it effectively removes pigment, spots, dark spots and acne blemish which will help lightening and balancing skin color. It heals pervious damaged skin cells by exfoliating whilst rejuvenating the growth of new skin it fairer , fresher in better complexion,

Extra Whitening complexionc Toning soap

+ Arbutin plus

+ Vitamin E plus

+ Kojic Acid plus

+ Glutatnhione plus

MFD: 22.07.2019

EXP: 21.07.2022


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