Exgyan goat milk shower gel

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Taking a shower is a procedure so natural that it has already ceased to be given any special significance. Bioaqua has created a series of bath treatments that make bathing a real feast of pleasure and joy.

Goat Milk Shower Gel will envelop you in a soft, fluffy foam that will wash away impurities and fatigue, filling skin cells with energy and nutrients. The cream gel contains goat's milk. This ingredient provides optimal hydration and long-term improvement in skin elasticity. The milk proteins in the formula of the presented product contribute to the skin becoming more elastic, soft and silky.

The subtle, delicate aroma of Goat Milk Shower Gel will fill you with a sense of joy, lift your spirits, and fill emotions with bright colors.

How to use:   Apply to damp skin, massage gently, then rinse with water.

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