Velvex Aluminium Foil

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Velvex Aluminium Foil

Extra Thick, Strong & Durable. Retains original Freshness & Taste. Edge to Edge cutting technology. Various sizes ensures convenient use for homes, restaurants, hotels and any other events

Product Code :

30CMx5M-AFV3005-36 30CMX30M-AFV3030-01
30CMX60M-AFV3060-01 30CMX90M-AFV3090-01
45CMX5M-AFV4505-36  45CMX30M-AFV4530-01 
45CMX60M-AFV4560-01 45CMX90M-AFV4590-01
30CMX30M-AFV3030-06(BALES) 30CMX60M-AFV3060-06(BALES)
30CMX90M-AFV3090-06(BALES) 45CMX30M-AFV4530-06(BALES)
45CMX60M-AFV4560-06(BALES) 45CMX90M-AFV4590-06(BALES)

Sizes :

30CM x 5M 30CM x 30M
30CM x 60M 30CM x 90M
45CM x 5M 45CM x 30M
45CM x 60M 45CM x 90M

Packaging :

5M: 36 Rolls per carton

30M: Single Roll & Bales

60M: Single Roll & Bales

90M: Single Roll & Bales

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