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Fresh Organic Red Onions

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Onions add crunch & pinch to sandwiches, salads and burgers. A cooking favourite for flavour. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties benefiting heart health and cancer fighting compounds


Onions have been around in human diets since the Bronze age, since 5000 B.C about more than 7000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians even considered organic onions as holy, believing that their circular shape and the concentric circles inside when cut were symbolic of eternity. The onions was so revered that they were placed in the tombs of pharoahs as they were thought to bring well-being and prosperity to the soul's life after death. Onion varieties were even used as barter instead of currency in the Middle Ages. Did you know, the Greeks thoight eating onions could actually make one stronger? Cutting onions induces tears because it releases sulphur vapours into the air as soon as they are cut.

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