Barelifts Invisible Bare Push Up Instant Breast Lift Support Bra Shaper Adhesive Tap

2-4 Working days




Comfortable to Wear

Fits A, B, C & D Cup

Invisible tape

Instant Breast Lift

Skin friendly latex free

No Petals


6 Step Easy Process

1. Peel off the lower side of the backing.

2. Apply the lower half just above nipple. (press it smooth to avoid wrinkles and or creases).

3. Bend the top side downthen peel away the rest of the backing.

4. Use the upper half of the liftto lift breast into position.

5. Press the upper half of the lift to your skin.

6. Follow steps 1-5 on other breast.



1.Please don't not use if you have any type of skin allergy.

2.Do not use if you have a skin infection or if you have any skin problems, pigment .

3.problems or family history of such.

4.You may have red marks on your skin after removing Bare Lifts (TM). Red marks should disappear after some time.

5.If any skin irritation should occur while wearing this product, discontinue use. Consult a GP.

6.The tape must not be used for any other purpose other than its intended use.

7.This product should not be worn if you are breastfeeding.

8.Do not wear while sleeping.

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