4Pcs Bedding Set (1 Duvet cover+1 Bed sheet+2 Pillow covers) Aloe Cotton2019008 as picture 6*6

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4pcs Soft Strong Flexibility Bright Colors Zipper Design Aloe Cotton Bedding Sets
4pcs include: 1pcs Duvet cover + 1pcs Bed sheet + 2pcs Pillow covers

King size

1pcs duvet cover: 220cm * 240cm(86.7*94.4inch)
1pcs bed sheet: 230cm *250cm(90.5*98.4inch)

2pcs pillow covers: 48cm *74cm(18.9*29.1inch)

Queen size

1pcs duvet cover: 200cm * 230cm(78.8*90.5inch)
1pcs bed sheet: 230cm *230cm(90.5*90.5inch)

2pcs pillow covers: 48cm *74cm(18.9*29.1inch)

Twin size

1pcs duvet cover: 150cm * 200cm(59*78.8inch)
1pcs bed sheet: 200cm *230cm(78.8*90.5inch)

2pcs pillow covers: 48cm *74cm(18.9*29.1inch)

Material:Chemical Fiber,Cotton

Package include:

1Pcs duvet cover,1pcs bed sheet and 2pcs pillow covers(Duvet and pillow Not include)

Advantages of duvet covers over duvets

1. Easier cleaning, more hygienic-Duvet covers can be easily cleaned anytime whenever of spills or stains and dry’s easily hence giving comfort

2. Duvet covers make Duvets last longer-This is because the quality of the duvet maybe affected when washed weekly or so hence better use duvet covers to protect the duvet from sweats or dust.

3. Covers make the duvet more beautiful- One can use different colors of duvet covers to cover one duvet, hence it has a variety of choice to make your bedroom look beautiful and of different style.

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